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Why New Amsterdam Life?

New Amsterdam Life is the leading Juvenile Life Insurance agency in the United States. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products from the top rated insurance companies in the United States (A+ or higher by A.M. Best). New Amsterdam Life will help you get the best rates for whole, indexed universal and term life insurance and provides a level of personalized service that you cannot find anywhere else.

New Amsterdam Life is known for its commitment to outstanding client service. Unlike most other firms, our professionals are paid a salary, not a commission. There is never any sales pressure or unwanted phone calls.

As an independent agency, our goal is to help you select the best product at the lowest price.


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Why Juvenile Life Insurance?

Juvenile Life Insurance is recommended by financial, tax and estate planning professionals as a tax-advantaged product with flexible access to cash value. It provides tax-deferred growth, guaranteed lifetime insurance coverage, fixed premiums and can be fully funded in five years or less. Juvenile Life Insurance is ideal for parents and grandparents who want to:

Why Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Indexed universal life insurance combines flexible, permanent protection and the potential to build strong cash values based on the performance of a stock market index -- with downside protection from market risk.

Why Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance pays a face value at maturity and provides permanent protection. The premium amount never changes. A whole life policy also has a guaranteed cash value and the potential to receive dividends each year.